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Selena usually does "themed" videos but every now
and then she does a compilation for me..  when
 SELENA LOCA does a fart comp.  WATCH OUT!
  She captured some MONSTER FARTS this time
 DEEP AND bassy farts that will make you drool!
  Sounded like R2D2 coming outta her butt!


SELENA LOCA IS SO FUCKING PRETTY.... not contrast that with the sound of a LONG MOOOO'ING COW SOUND coming outta her ass!  Man this clip is HOT and she looks damn beautiful! and these farts were LOOOOOOOONG!


After a HUGE plate of African food
Selena wanted to put on her new
Fashion Novah outfit again just
so she could fart in your face over
and over again.. until you pass out!

SEPTEMBER 25th 2019

(PART 3)
Again Selena is in concert playing her BASS
in black SPANDEX SHORTS!  these farts were
 RUMBLY AND BASSY!  You don't deserve
these farts according her but you better
get down on your knees and TAKE THEM!

SEPTEMBER 18th 2019

Nicole wants to KILLL you!  She is drinking
a whole gallon of milk and milk gives her
the STINKIEST GAS ever.  she even says
"I hope you DIIE in there"  what did you
do to piss her off so bad?!  You are tied up
trapped in the close with only GAS for air.

SEPTEMBER 13th 2019

Nicole has a message to your face.

SEPTEMBER 6th 2019

Nicole said these were the EGGIEST
smelling farts ever and they are just
for you.  You are her fart slave today
and she will be blowing her LETHAL
eggy farts into your nose over and
over with ZERO lag time between!


Nicole is tired of your constant bullying about
her farting too much so she TIES YOU UP and
puts DUCT TAPE over your mouth..  No more
fresh air for you.. all you get from now on is
STINKY FART AIR coming outta her butt!

AUGUST 28th 2019

Nicole has been SHARTING all day
every time she farts HOT LIQUID comes
outta her ass.. just like hot GRAVY!  She
wants to SMOTHER YOU with her SHARTY ASS
and she is going to show you just how it is going
to happen to you!  That plush toy is going to be RUINED!

AUGUST 23RD 2019

When you watch Penelope push out
her ass over to you so you can kiss and
sniff it you might as well be sitting in
the ELECTRIC CHAIR because my
friend you are getting the DEFF PENALTY!

AUGUST 15TH 2019

These farts were LONG, DEEP AND POWERFUL!  but Selena is warning you.. she has not used the bathroom in 3 days.. so these farts STINK!  She keeps bringing her ass over to you after every THUNDEROUS FART and asking you.. "are you SURE you want to smell these?"  THEY SMELL SO TERRIBLE that she actually feels bad for you.. she is being nice in this one... not a brat.. but calling you "babe" and her "little fart sniffer".. but again.. you will love the SOUNDS but the SMELLS.. not so much.


Selena was really enjoying blowing
your face until she got a BETTER idea.
she now wants to rip them ON your face!
so she lays you down and you (the plush toy)
are completely smothered by her GIGANTIC
ASS and her POWERFUL farts over and over again!

JULY 30TH 2019

Selena has delivered the PERFECT set of
farts.  Something about bending over
something... and being on her knees
as given her a POWERFUL delivery of
gasses!  These farts could DESTROY
the GALAXY and planet earth.  Instead
of snapping her fingers she's farting!

JULY 20TH 2019

Selena Loca is able to get the DEEPEST most BASSY and RUMBLY jean farts I ever heard.... but... WITH NO FUCKING JEANS!  Her BARE ASSED farts sound like nothing I have ever heard!  Probably because her ass is so huge and she has very thick cheeks... but even with nothing on it... BRUMPH.... one after the other BRUMPHHHH... with hardly no lag time between farts.... BRUUUUMMMMMMPPPHH!  THIS CLIP IS HOTTTTT!

JULY 13TH 2019

THIS CLIP SHOULD BE 100 DOLLARS!!!!!  I had to BEG Selena to drink milk.. she REFUSED at first because it messes up her stomach so bad.. but she decided to do it anyways and these farts were THE BEST SHE HAS EVER RIPPED!   You are trapped in the closet.. and her FUNKY ROTTEN MILK GAS is the only thing you get to breathe...  NOTHING ELSE.  This is your FUNERAL.. because you will not survive this stench.. that's right milk gives SELENA the STINKIEST FARTS EVER and you CANNOT survive fart after fart after BLUBBERY WATERY fart into your face while trapped in this closet!!!  REST.. IN.. PEACE!
JULY 6TH 2019

We always focus on Selena Loca's OUT OF THIS WORLD ass!  But don't forget this girl is a fucking MODEL!  She is stunning .. she is gorgeous.. so let's focus a bit more on her face... and of course in this clip she is farting like a FUCKIN' HORSE!!!

JUNE 27TH 2019

OMG these facial expressions!  I called
this clip FACE THE NATION because
Selenaa Locaa is the HOTTEST MODEL
in the whole nation and the best thing
about this video is the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS
that she makes while pushing out these