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PART 5! SELENA LOCA type ass! Watch Rocsi place that HUGE ass right in your face and blast her LOUD MORNING GAS all over your nose and mouth while teasing you the whole time! asking you "do you want it?" and telling you just where to place your nose! "between my cheeks"

SELENA LOCA type ass in your face! Rocsi wants your FIRST FACE FART EXPERIENCE to be a good one! she tells you exactly how to take that LOUD fart to your face!

like SELENA LOCA Rocsi wants to make all your fart fetish dreams come true!  she farts for you in sexy poses in tight tight jeans while dancing slow and sexy and ripping LONG DEEP RUMBLY FARTS!

SELENA LOCA sized ass! Pear Shaped Rocsi wants to make all your fart fetish dreams come true!  she welcomes you to FART FETISH NATION and farts for you in sexy poses in tight tight jeans while dancing slow and sexy and ripping LONG DEEP BASSY FARTS!

Rocsi wants you to sniff her SELENA LOCA sized ass right after she rips a LONG, AIRY GASSY FART! and she assures you that she does not think it is weird..she actually finds it very HOT!

THIS IS BRAND NEW INDICA SOUL! a big butt fart queen like SELENA LOCA Indica has a question for all you fellas.  what is it with guys and farts?? every time she farts around a guy he BEGS to sniff it and she just can't understand it!  she farts some NICE BUBBLY ONES in this one and also tells you.. "look at that round ass, imagine being back there and sniffing that"

watch Rocsi poke out that SELENA LOCA sized ass and push out EXTRA DEEP EXTRA LOW TONED bass farts in tight tight jeans!

THAT SELENA LOCA SIZED ASS is in your face! ripping LONG bubbly BLASTS!  bury your face in it! she commands you to KEEP STROKING YOUR COCK.... faster!

Rocsi points that SELENA LOCA sized ass in your face and rips LONG DRAWN out THUMPERS until she ruins her panties with a BIG NASTY STAIN!

Rocsi places that SELENA LOCA style ass right in your face and farts in it for HOUR AND HOURS!  she tells you to "stroke that cock for me" as she pushes out SELENA LOCA style blasts all in your nose and mouth!

following the blueprint of SELENA LOCA Goddess Jenn is one of the greatest fetish models to ever live! put these LONG MULTI TONED TUBA BLASTS up there with the BEST SOUNDING FARTS YOU EVER HEARD! cuz without a doubt Goddess Jenn has turned in the BEST JEAN FART MOVIE EVER!!!!

straight from the pages of SELENA LOCA, PEAR SHAPED ROCSI squeezed her HUGE ass into some tight jeans and ripped DEBBIE DISTURRED type farts and she is ORDERING you to bury your face in it!  THIS IS THE HOTTEST CLIP ON THE MARKET RIGHT NOW!!!

your step-dad is not home so your step-mom wants you to come into the room, take out your dick and start jacking off while she blows LOUD BUBBLY GAS all into your face and mouth!  she tells you- "take out your dick step-son.. stroke it... I won't even look. sniff that stinky fart, it was a really stinky one... its ok if you want to cum... your step-dad is not here it is just you and me"

Goddess Jenn tells you exactly where to place your face as she rips long drawn out trombone farts in it!

in this POV FANTASY you have told your new girlfriend ROCSI that you have a fart fetish and she is willing to fart in your face for the FIRST TIME.. she wants you to get behind her WHILE YOU ARE WORSHIPPING HER BIG BUTT and get ready to sniff because she has a lot of stinky gas today!....she is nervous but she wants you to be happy!

Rocsi can't believe you are turned on by her loud farts!  no guy has ever told her that before.  She thinks it is weird but she is totally willing to fart in your face! LOUDLY!

PEAR SHAPED ROCSI told me she has her BEST farts in the morning and she was NOT lying!  she rolled right outta bed and recorded these BIG BERTHA TYPE BLASTS for us!

with that fucking DREAM SHAPE we all love!  small at the top BIG AT THE BOTTOM new model Rocsi wants you to bury your nose "between her cheeks" as she rips long bubbly JEAN FARTS all over your nose!

You have told your new girlfriend INDICA that you love when girls fart.  She was nervous at first but now she farts in your face WHENEVER SHE HAS ONE!  in this clip she tells you... "I have a confession, I like farting in your face, I did not think I would love it so much but I really do.. and it makes me happy that it turns you on so much!  now stick your nose in it because they are extra stinky today"


Indica tells you.... "I don't mind your fart fetish, it is not weird to me.. so get on your knees and enjoy this"  "sniff it" "sniff my big soft booty" as the rips EVE TABOO BIG BERTHA type blasts in your face!  THIS IS fucking AMAZING!

FUCK!!!! her huge round ass.. the way she moves.. her DEEP BUBBLY FARTS! it is now time to fall in love with INDICA SOUL! she is your new fart fetish fantasy! take her hand, go with her and enjoy the fucking ride!

your sexy roommate Indica is paying her bills with her sexy deep farts again.  In this compilation she is farting in your face to pay her expenses for the month of March!

in this POV FANTASY you have just told your new gf Indica that you get turned on when pretty girls fart.  she tells you it's "ok" and "I know you want to sniff my butt, come over here, we are both grown ups, don't be embarrassed" and playfully she proceeds to fart LOUDLY in your face over and over again

INDICA SOUL is really SOMETHING SPECIAL!  We have been doing this since 2005 and "special" models come along only once in a while!  Indica definitely got that "it factor"... I fucking LOVE this girl!

In this clip she warns you that "her farts are really stinky today" because she had a "lot of eggs" earlier and that she feels "sorry for you" but you must sniff them because you were a "bad boy" then she imagines you sniffing them while laying behind her.. saying..  "sniff it.. I can feel your nose in my butt.. I know you love when pretty girls fart.. I want to make your fantasy come true"

Your sexy new girlfriend INDICA knows you have a fart fetish really bad so she saves her farts for you and holds them in all day just so she can release them into your face when she gets home from work every day!  quick.. lay behind her, bury your face in there and ENJOY!

NEW MODEL INDICA SOUL is in fart slave mode today!  She is ready to punish you with stinky gas and she wants you to "get on your knees and open your mouth" and get ready for a long day of STINKY GAS!

in this CUSTOM FANTASY Indica Soul tells you "I want to play a game with you,  I always win this game and you always lose because you will put your nose between my cheeks and you will be sniffing my smelly farts"

INDICA SOUL tells you "just imagine being back there with your nose in between those cheeks" she wants to make your fart fetish fantasies come true!  what are you waiting for?? go sniff it!!

Watch Sexy Selena Loca rip
tight black leggings right in your face!

The SELENA LOCA farts were so EXPLOSIVE WATERY and fucking INSANE that by the end of this clip you could see a BIG WET SPOT into her panties!  these are some of her BEST FARTS EVER!!

THIS CLIP SHOULD BE 100 DOLLARS NO CAP!! watch Selena lay on the floor and masturbate and fart like a fucking ANGRY WALRUS!! until the point where she fucking SOILS HERSELF! and you witness the WHOLE FUCKING THING!!

Selena is a bit upset with you because you never let her take a dump in peace!  you ALWAYS want your dick sucked while she is RELIEVING herself but this one is so FARTY AND EXPLOSIVE that yet again you beg her for a blow job because you get turned on SMELLING HER DUMP while she blows you!  being the good girlfriend that she is, yet again she is happy to make your DIRTY FETISHES come true for you!


the fan wrote.....

"I know Debbie is known for long farts but I would like to see how long SELENA LOCA can rip a deep bassy fart also.  I would like her to make a compilation of only her longest farts"

Arguably the greatest fart model to ever live.. Selena Loca is a BUBBLY farter, a RUMBLY farter a DEEP BASSY TUBA farter!  but length is not her specialty.. BUT she did rip one in the 6-7 SECOND RANGE in this FANTASTIC fucking fart comp and she looks fucking HOTTER THAN FUCKING EVER!!!

What in the world did SELENA LOCA EAT to blow up the toilet in this fashion!  she DEMOLISHED that poor toilet with THUNDEROUSLY WET toilet farts!!

these farts sound SO FUCKING GOOD!!!  just imagine burying your face in that!!! these farts were fucking POWERFUL!!  sounded like they must have ripped her asshole in half while they were coming out!!!

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKKK????  These farts are so DEEP LOW TONED AND BASSY it sounded like her fucking ass was GLUED SHUT!  I have never heard a NAKED ASS fart so RUMBLY and BASSY!!!

WHAT THE FUCK???  These farts are so FUCKING AMAZING I struggled with a way to describe these THUNDEROUS BLASTS!!!  and OH BOY her ass looks so fucking good.. the greatest "big ass" on the net!!

Sexy Selena Loca got CRAZY BAD GAS tonight and her ass is sounding like a WET, ANGRY BABOON!  after turning you on with here VIOLENT GAS she performs a PORN STAR level POV blowjob on your hard cock!

Watch Selena Loca rip DEEP MONSTER ECHOEY
farts down the toilet bowl and be VERY CUTE while doing it!

I don't know WHAT IN THE FUCK was coming out of Selena's ass but it sounded like a HERD OF ANGRY BUFFALO'S or MAD COW'S!  so DEEP.. so LONG and watching her pretty face push them out..  AMAZING!

Selena Loca's ass is like a DRILL SARGENT!
Screaming at you in a DEEP voice!  Fart
after fart after POWERFUL fart one after
the other as she orders you to SNIFF IT!
This video is NEW to SelenaLocaa!

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Selena wants you to sit there and take this FACE POUNDING like a man!  She is pissed and annoyed that you keep trying to run away.. after all "you said you could handle the smell"  so SIT THERE AND TAKE IT!

this was posted earlier to another site
 but it is NEW to SelenaLoca.com

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