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Watch Sexy Selena Loca rip
tight black leggings right in your face!

Sexy Selena was farting so LOUD and
STINKY that she had to take her gassy
big booty outside because her family
and friends kept complaining!

BIG LONG BUBBLY JEAN FARTS!  Will never get old
from any model.  Now imagine one of the greatest
BIG BOOTY fart models to ever live farting in jeans!!

the title says it all!  watch Selena Loca rip COMPETITION LEVEL FARTS in her hip hugging skin tight GREY LEGGINGS for your viewing pleasure!

these are the LONGEST, MOST BUBBLY AND RUMBLY WATERY BASS FARTS I have ever heard in my lifetime!  Selena Loca puts on a fucking FART CLINIC in this one!!!  you will MELT hearing these sounds!!!

WATCH SELENA LOCA ABSOLUTEY DESTROY her tight jeans with RUMBLY BRAPP TASTIC bubble farts and then turn around and give you the POV BLOW JOB of a life time! fucking PORN STAR blow job!! and fart while she is giving it too!!!

in this movie SELENA LOCA calls herself the "FART DEMON" and she knows you are afraid your FACE WILL MELT under her LONG DEEP MONSTROUS FARTS!  but she tells you to "stop being a little bitch" and come over to her ass and TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT!  these are some of her most POWERFUL farts ever!!!

SELENA WANTS TO BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF YOUR SHOULDERS!!  be careful laying back there! she  is ready to blo your know clean off your face with these BIONIC BLASTS!

In order to get that DEEP MUFFLED sound Selena sat on the stairs and PULVERIZED them with long TUBA LIKE rips!  so much so that she SHARTED in her leggings and actually SHOWS YOU THE SHART!!!

Selena Loca VIOLENTLY farting in her blue leggings until she SHARTED A WET SPOT!  she continues you fart even more EXPLOSIVELY but now she wants you to BURY YOUR FACE in her wet SHART spot on her pants!

EVERYTHING... fucking EVERYTHING.. this clip has EVERYTHING you could ever want in a fart clip!! .. the EXTRA DEEP AND RUMBLY MONSTER FARTS.. the sexy facial expressions.. the SIGHS OF RELIEF!!  fuck the SIGHS OF RELIEF alone are so fucking hot in this one!! .. this is a fucking ROCK STAR fart fetish model!!!

Watch Sexy Selena Loca lean to one side and basically SAW HER FUCKING BED IN HALF with LONG DEEP MUFFLED FARTS with her ass buried into the pillow and mattress! the SOUND will drive you wild!!!!

Watch Selena Loca RIP THE CHAIR IN FUCKING HALF with her THUNDEROUS muffled farts!  You will love the sound of these RIPPERS as they bounce and reverberate off her leather chair!

Watch Sexy SELENA LOCA walk around her house and fart like a CRAZY WOMAN bubbly ducks exploding outta her big round ass while she playfully cleans and picks up her living room!

Selena is going to MELT YOUR FUCKING FACE WITH HER RUMBLY WATERY DRAGON FARTS but first you have to BEG FOR THEM!  she lets you know she is the "baddest bitch on earth" so you must BEG FOR FARTS!!

HOLY FUCK! the fucking CRAZY sounds coming outta her ass sounded like monster movie coming outta that big round round booty! BRUMMMMPH PARRRRRRRP BURRRRRRNNNNNTTTT SPLATTTTTTTTTTZZZZZZZZ!

Selena proclaims nobody FARTS LIKE HER and nobody has an ASS LIKE HER and she wants you to get on your knees and worship her like the QUEEN that she is!  she wants you to SNIFF and tell her she is the QUEEN and no one else while she rips THE MOST RUMBLY GULPY LONG FARTS I have ever heard!!!!

THE DEEPEST FUCKING FARTS EVER!  sounded like she had skin tight denim on that ass these farts were so fucking BUBBLY AND LOW TONED... now get your face in there so she can DESTROY IT!

Selena wants you behind her ON YOUR KNEES and she rips LONG BUBBLY MULTI TONED FART after LONG BUBBLY MULTI TONED FART ripping them so explosively that you can SEE HER ASSHOLE STARTING TO GET DIRTY with DARK BROWN SHARTS!!!

The SELENA LOCA farts were so EXPLOSIVE WATERY and fucking INSANE that by the end of this clip you could see a BIG WET SPOT into her panties!  these are some of her BEST FARTS EVER!!

Watch Selena Loca lay on the bed in tight leggings in her favorite position and fart her fucking soul out!  some of these farts sounded like they HURT HER ASSHOLE COMING OUT!  I wish I was laying with her!!

these BRAPPERS were so fucking BIG and POWERFUL that Selena COULD NOT BELIEVE the sounds coming outta her own ass! and she looks so damned GORGEOUS pushing those huge long BRUMPPPPHHHSS!!

FUCK THESE FARTS WERE POWERFUL!!!  Selena Wants you to get behind her so she can blast these BASSY THUNDER BRAPPS all over your nose and mouth!  and get ready cuz it's going to HURT!  OUCH!!

MAN I have never heard panty farts sound like this!!!  these farts are so deep and LOW TONED and rumbly it sounded like she had a scuba suit on her ass...  FUCK the fart sounds that Selena can produce are INSANE!!

THIS CLIP SHOULD BE 100 DOLLARS NO CAP!! watch Selena lay on the floor and masturbate and fart like a fucking ANGRY WALRUS!! until the point where she fucking SOILS HERSELF! and you witness the WHOLE FUCKING THING!!

THESE ARE SOME OF SELENA'S BUBBLEY MOST WATERY FARTS EVER!  Sounded like a MONSTER MOVIE coming outta those TIGHT LEGGINGS and she warns you "don't try to run away!"  "you can't run away!"

Selena is a bit upset with you because you never let her take a dump in peace!  you ALWAYS want your dick sucked while she is RELIEVING herself but this one is so FARTY AND EXPLOSIVE that yet again you beg her for a blow job because you get turned on SMELLING HER DUMP while she blows you!  being the good girlfriend that she is, yet again she is happy to make your DIRTY FETISHES come true for you!


the fan wrote.....

"I know Debbie is known for long farts but I would like to see how long SELENA LOCA can rip a deep bassy fart also.  I would like her to make a compilation of only her longest farts"

Arguably the greatest fart model to ever live.. Selena Loca is a BUBBLY farter, a RUMBLY farter a DEEP BASSY TUBA farter!  but length is not her specialty.. BUT she did rip one in the 6-7 SECOND RANGE in this FANTASTIC fucking fart comp and she looks fucking HOTTER THAN FUCKING EVER!!!

So many times we have focused on Selena Loca's HUGE GIGANTIC ASS but sometimes I like to showcase how fucking BEAUTIFUL this chick is!  I love watching a big booty HOT CHICK push out LONG BLUBBERY ANGRY GORILLA FARTS while looking at her gorgeous face at the same damn time!

the way QUEEN SELENA'S ass is fucking SCREAMING at you!  sounds like she is giving birth to a very angry FART BABY! these farts are definite ASSHOLE TEARING type farts!  I bet these fucking HURT coming out!

This is SELENA LOCA at her very best!  FUCK!  these farts sounded like she was sawing her asshole in two!  sounded like she might have FARTED OUT HER FUCKING PANCREAS!!!  she probably had to sit down on a PILLOW after these POWERFUL RIPPERS!!

Selena Loca ass is fucking SCREAMING in this one! it probably hurt her fucking INTESTINES pushing out these THUNDEROUS FLAPPERS!  her ass is like some sort of MONSTER!  a THUNDER-BRAPTA-GUS or something!  and she wants you to BEG for it!  BEG for these POWERFUL BUBBLERS to be blown in your face!

Selena is EVERYTHING we find hot about girls farting!  she is SUPER beautiful! very girly and feminine and she farts like a fucking HORSE!  watch her DESTROY her leather chair with VICIOUS GAS!!

THESE FUCKING FARTS WERE SO POWERFUL that Selena probably could not sit down for a week!  sounded like a fucking DRAGON roaring outta them SKIN TIGHT JEANS!  probably had to sit on a pillow for a while!

SELENAS ASS IS ROARING LIKE A BIG ANGRY MONSTER!  these farts were fucking POWERFUL  sounded like HER INTESTINES WERE BLOWING ACROSS THE ROOM!!!  wow...  these farts were INSANE! and she wants you to imagine fucking her from behind as she blows them all over your cock and stomach!!!

What in the world did SELENA LOCA EAT to blow up the toilet in this fashion!  she DEMOLISHED that poor toilet with THUNDEROUSLY WET toilet farts!!

these farts sound SO FUCKING GOOD!!!  just imagine burying your face in that!!! these farts were fucking POWERFUL!!  sounded like they must have ripped her asshole in half while they were coming out!!!

Selena Loca wants to rip some LONG, EXPLOSIVE WATERY blasters and RIDE YOUR COCK at the same damned time!!  so who is up for this???  these farts were fucking INCREDIBLE!

Selena loca ate a whole pint of ben and jerri's chunky monkee ice cream and her stomach is EXPLODING in POWERFUL GAS and FREQUENT TOILET TRIPS..  now imagine being behind her, on your knees and that LATIN FART HURRICAN blows right into your face!

With the way these DEEP TUBA BASS FARTS flew outta Selena's ass you would think she had something very very tight on her bottom..  but that BOOTY MEAT makes a lot of BASS even in white pretty lace!!

These farts were so EXPLOSIVE, long and FLAP-TASTIC sounded like a whole SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE was playing loudly outta those panties!  these RIPPERS were OUTTA THIS WORLD!

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKKK????  These farts are so DEEP LOW TONED AND BASSY it sounded like her fucking ass was GLUED SHUT!  I have never heard a NAKED ASS fart so RUMBLY and BASSY!!!

I have never heard farts in panties sound like this!  These LONG RUMBLERS sounded like she had a pair of the tightest jeans on but she was actually wearing cute cartoon panties.  Deep.. and very bubble and some of them EXTRA LONG!  STINKY AIR struggling to get past those cheeks! and she said the STUNK!

Selena Loca's jeans are SO TIGHT her long bassy farts are trapped and the AIR has no way of escaping!  which means these are some CRAZY SOUNDING deep muffled rippers!  Watch her DESTROY her tight jeans and talk to her friend that is cheering her on!

Selena Loca had a GREEK GYRO for the first time and it DID NOT agree with her.  Not only were these some of the LOUDEST most POWERFUL farts she has ever ripped.. she said they are also the SMELLIEST!!!  btw.. she also wants you ON YOUR KNEES behind her so she can MELT YOUR FUCKING FACE with these farts.

WHAT THE FUCK???  These farts are so FUCKING AMAZING I struggled with a way to describe these THUNDEROUS BLASTS!!!  and OH BOY her ass looks so fucking good.. the greatest "big ass" on the net!!

Watch Sexy Selena Loca RUMBLE THE WALLS AND SHAKE THE FLOOR while ripping earth shattering MEGA farts while laying and sticking her round ass in her USA boy shorts RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!!

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Feast your eyes on the GREATEST FARTING ASS IN THE WORLD!  So big you can actually PUT YOUR HEAD INSIDE of it!  and these farts were FORCEFUL and very WET!!  What an EXPLOSION!!

THESE FARTS ARE FUCKING INCREDIBLE!  Selena is in "fart slave" mode and she wants to decimate your face with her POWERFUL JEAN FARTS!  She is being very aggressive to you fart boy so BE HAVE!!

Get on your knees fart boy.. TROPICAL STORM SELENA
 is blowing THUNDEROUSLY through your town at any
 moment now.  this HURRICANE is NOT SURVIVABLE so
 you better watch out!!

That is the fucking question!!!  GAWD.. look at her think body... look at her pose.. look at that ass!  HOW MUCH would you pay to be back there while she is ripping RHINOSEROUS FARTS in your face!  and speaking of face check her FACIAL expressions... look at her face while she pushes out that WATERY THUNDER.. fuck she is the fucking BEST EVER!!

Selena needs to take a DUMP but before she goes to sit on the toilet she wants to BLAST YOU with all that STINKY GAS that comes right before you dump.  back to back farts MELTING YOUR FACE at a fast pace!!

 farts being ripped in your face one after
 the other.. by the FUCKING QUEEN!

Watch Selena Loca put her HUGE round ass close to your face while ripping BUBBLY THUNDER in tight jeans and tight leggings!  TURKEY gives her CRAZY BAD GAS and she ate a LOT of it before this video!!

Selena has a problem.. her jeans are SO FUCKING TIGHT that her LONG RUMBLY AIR has NO WAY of escaping those pants.. which makes for some WACKY and VERY SEXY deep fart sounds!!

Selena Loca is a business woman and yes she has to DRESS UP IN BUSINESS CLOTHES some times.. well after a LONG DAY of meetings she could not wait to get home so she could ANNIHILATE those tight pants with the BOOMBASTIC BUBBLY GAS she had been holding in all day!

Sexy Selena Loca got CRAZY BAD GAS tonight and her ass is sounding like a WET, ANGRY BABOON!  after turning you on with here VIOLENT GAS she performs a PORN STAR level POV blowjob on your hard cock!

Watch Selena Loca rip DEEP MONSTER ECHOEY
farts down the toilet bowl and be VERY CUTE while doing it!

Something about this pose gave Selena Loca
 the most DEEP AND POWERFUL farts I have ever
 heard from her!  that ass sounded like a CANNON!

I don't know WHAT IN THE FUCK was coming out of Selena's ass but it sounded like a HERD OF ANGRY BUFFALO'S or MAD COW'S!  so DEEP.. so LONG and watching her pretty face push them out..  AMAZING!

these farts were so POWERFUL I think she
 BLEW HER BUTTHOLE out of her body!  
those TIGHT YELLOW LEGGINGS will never be the same!!

You better wear your helmet because Selena is ready to BLOW YOUR HEAD CLEAN OFF YOUR SHOULDERS with some of the most BUBBLY, RUMBLY WATERY JEAN FARTS I have ever heard in my long career!!!

A nice compilation of some of her MOST FANTASTIC farts recorded over a weekend!  Pushing her ass against a wall to see "what sound they will make" hanging out on her front porch and just relaxing in bed... simple scenarios... but very BOOMBASTIC BUBBLY BLASTS!!!

these Selena Loca farts were so BIG WATERY AND NASTY that we named her booty in them tight green pants "Rufus".  that booty was so FEROCIOUS that we had to give her booty a nickname!  then she got the stuffed toy and LIT IT THE FUCK UP with GINORMOUS rumbly wet gas.. this one is fucking INCREDIBLE!!

SOME OF OF THE BIGGEST MOST POWERFUL FARTS IN HER CAREER!  Selena wants you to put your nose directly on her asshole (see preview) so she can BLAST YOUR FACE with GASSY THUNDER over and over and over again!  PLUS she needs to take a dump so the POWERFUL BLASTS are extra smelly!!!

It Doesn't matter where SELENA LOCA takes that HUGE MAGNIFICENT ASS the farts are going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!  so BASSY AND SLOPPY these fart sounds will drive you INSANE! her ass looks soo good and those crazy PATTERNS that she wears look so good on her ass!  imagine burying your face in it!!!

LONG EXPLOSIVE WET BLUBBERY... just a few words that come to mind when describing this MEGA FART compilation from our LATIN QUEEN!

Selena is very horny today... she wants to cum and she wants you to cum to her HUGE WET AND RUMBLY RIPPERS!  She pushes out fart after fart after LONG WATERY fart then she plays with her pussy.. slips in your cock and begins to RIDE until you both bust a nut!

WHAT IN THE FUCK??? these farts were SO FUCKING POWERFUL that I am sure Selena destroyed her lower intestines as she was pushing out these MONSTER jean farts!  she is the fucking GREATEST EVER!

THIS WAS JUST POSTED TO SELENALOCAS website it has never been posted there go there to get her ENTIRE INSANE collection!

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Selena is ready for breakfast but you won't get up.  so she is going to FART YOU out of the bed!  and boy oh boy she is really BLASTING YOU with LONG WATERY BASSY BOMBS under those covers and FUCK she looks to fucking BEAUTIFUL while doing it.. look at her face while she is pushing them out!!!

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Selena Loca's ass is like a DRILL SARGENT!
Screaming at you in a DEEP voice!  Fart
after fart after POWERFUL fart one after
the other as she orders you to SNIFF IT!
This video is NEW to SelenaLocaa!

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Selena wants you to sit there and take this FACE POUNDING like a man!  She is pissed and annoyed that you keep trying to run away.. after all "you said you could handle the smell"  so SIT THERE AND TAKE IT!

this was posted earlier to another site
 but it is NEW to SelenaLoca.com

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